About Us

Mawlawi Kurdish Cultural Centre/ Masjid Sheikh Raouf Barzinji

MKCC.UK strongly believes in empowering a global community of peace-loving, charity-supporting, caring individuals through our place of worship and charity. Our charity hosts a diverse community centre that is operated by Kurds and serves everyone regardless of their faith, creed, race, identity, gender or colour. 

MKCC.UK relies on the power of our local British community from all factions and subcommunities in Manchester to rally around solving any issues within the United Kingdom and overseas to support their fellow humans in times of struggle and difficulty, eradicate poverty and create a sense of responsibility within the society where everyone feels welcome and everyone has a place amongst our community. 

Refugees are welcome at our centre, as we have various support projects for them to make sure they receive the support they need to integrate within their local society and are supported by their fellow community members. 


Established in 2012, MKCC set out with the objective of supporting the local community and creating a powerful and unified community centre. So a local abandoned place of worship in Hulme was converted into a masjid and a multifunctional venue to host weddings, funerals, meetings, celebrations, prayers, and marriages and allow the community to support each other in harmony in joyful and bitter events. The sense of support has now expanded furthermore and the community now feels for other human beings elsewhere in the world as well and tries to support underprivileged people wherever they can reach to eradicate poverty and support distant communities during major disasters. 

The masjid and community centre were renovated at the expense of individual donors across the community receiving support from various nations. 

Now, the masjid hosts Ramadhan iftar meals every evening of Ramadhan, and remains open during the last 10 days of Ramadhan. 

The Near Future

MKCC has set out its near future vision in the next couple of years to expand its masjid space in order to host more attendees for prayers and community events. For this purpose, the support of donors is very much appreciated without whom this project cannot be accomplished especially with the current raise of costs and expenses. 

The charitable donations of generous donors will be the indicator for success in completing this important project. As will be the spiritual reward from helping to further expand a house for prayer and glorifying the name of Allah (SWT).

MKCC Board Members

Dr Kamiran Dizayee


Jabar Mawlood


Alan Rasheed